August is National Immunization Month and also back to school month for most children. Transitioning back to school can often be a challenge for both kids and parents. Our own Dr. Tugetman gives helpful tips to ease your children back into school mode, in this back to school AFC Urgent Care Medical Minute:


Back to school basics:

  • Make sure your child is up on their immunizations and school physicals
  • If they are playing a fall sport make sure they have had their sports physical (remember to bring the sports physical form with you)
  • Talk to your doctor if you have any concerns about vaccines
  • Keep copies of all immunization records and health forms
  • Mark calendars for back to school open houses and school conferences
  • Establish back to school routines and schedules, such as consistent bedtimes and regular mealtimes, especially breakfast
  • Have your child know that they will turn off the TV, computer and any other devices well before bedtime. Begin weaning them off of all devices at least a week or two prior to the first day of school. Stay strong!!
  • Designate a specific homework area

First week of school tips:

  • Try and make lunches the night before
  • Make sure there is enough time to eat a healthy breakfast, which should consist of a protein, fruit and low sugar carbohydrate
  • Set alarms for both you and your child
  • Be there for your children both physically and emotionally. This is a stressful time for children, no matter what age

Overcoming back to school anxiety:

  • Try and remain calm and don’t over-react. Kids take their tips from you. If you are calm the chances are they will be too
  • Reinforce your child’s ability to cope
  • If they are young and you are able to, arrange play dates
  • When possible, plan to volunteer at school. We understand that that is not always possible, but statistics show that the more involved the parent is with their child’s school day, the better they will do at school.


Backpack safety:

  • Buy a backpack with wide padded shoulders
  • Make sure they use both straps
  • If the school ( and your child) allows it, consider buying a rolling backpack with wheels
  • Don’t over pack it!  Web MD recommends the following body weight to backpack weight:


Child’s Weight/ Backpack Weight

50 pounds 5 pounds

75 pounds 7.5 pounds

100 pounds 10 pounds

125 pounds 12.5 pounds

150 pounds 15 pounds


At AFC Urgent Care Hartsdale we are available for all school and sports physicals as well as necessary immunizations.

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