At AFC Urgent Care Hartsdale we are paying close attention to the new information and safety precautions that have come out regarding concussions and head trauma, as we near the fall sports season.

Especially for parents whose children play sports, and especially contact sports such as football, soccer, rugby, basketball, and lacrosse, concussions are a common occurrence and we are aware of the now possible long range effects that they can have on a person if they receive many blows to the head, such as brain damage, severe depression and sometimes even death. Unfortunately, the recent lawsuits around the NFL has brought this to light with the death of Junior Seau and others who have filed suit.

Therefore we are trying to educate parents, coaches, trainers on how to avoid concussions, symptoms of concussions, proper concussion examinations, what to watch for, and ultimately tips on how to prevent concussions. Watch this Medical Minute to get further information on concussions and head trauma and what you can do to help avoid them.