Influenza is a constantly changing virus which kills tens of thousands of people yearly. This virus is easily preventable with a vaccination. The influenza vaccine (or “flu shot”) is released yearly and recommended to everyone over 6 months in age, especially children, seniors, and the sick.

The vaccines are different each year due to new strains of influenza that occur. Every year, a vaccine is produced to match the flu that is expected to be going around in that year. Because of this, patients are advised to get a yearly vaccine, as the vaccine from the year before may not protect you this year.

AFC Urgent Care in Hartsdale, NY can make sure you’re protected against the flu every year. Our walk-in clinic staff can administer the shot on site without an appointment. The vaccine is covered under most insurances and for those without insurance, we offer a low rate for the vaccine.

For more information visit AFC Urgent Care Hartsdale at 359 North Central Ave in Hartsdale NY or call 914-448-2273. Our friendly staff would be glad to offer assistance on flu vaccines and the wide variety of healthcare services available at AFC Urgent Care.