AFC Urgent Care Hartsdale’s USCIS Designated Civil Surgeon performs immigration physicals certain days of the week.   These immigration physicals are required for all applying for citizenship, permanent residency, or a green card by Department of Homeland Security and US Citizens and Immigration Services (formerly INS).

We can conduct the entire exam in our offices. We have the capability to also perform blood tests and TB tests, as well as administer required vaccines and perform chest x-rays, if necessary.

Our comprehensive immigration physical includes:

  • General health screening
  • Review of vaccination record
  • Administration of missing vaccines (if necessary)
  • Digital x-ray (if necessary)
  • Copy of medical documentation

After the exam is completed, we will fill out a completed Form I-693 for you to submit to USCIS. These exams are generally valid for only a 12 month period.

For more information on our Immigration Physicals or any of our services call us today at 914-448-2273 or stop by our office during our regular business hours.





Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)



Your Destination

Dates of Trip

Purpose of your trip

Are you currently treated for any medical problems?

Have you has a significant medical problem in the past?

Could you be pregnant?

Are you staying mostly in cities/tourist destinations?

Are you going to spend time in a rural area?

Are you going to spend time above 5000 ft?

Are you going to work in the foreign country?

Are you allergic to eggs or chicken products?

Have you has any hypersensitivity or reaction to vaccinations?

Have you had Guillain-Barre Syndrome?

Have you had all of your childhood vaccinations?

Have you had tetanus/diphtheria vaccination in the last 10 years?

Have you had measles vaccination (2 shots)?

Have you had polio vaccination as an adult?

Have you had hepatitis A vaccination (2 shots)?

Have you had hepatitis B vaccination (3 shots)?

Have you had meningitis vaccination in the past 3 years?

Have you had typhoid vaccination in the past 2 yeats (if injected), or in the past 5 years (if oral)?

Have you had yellow fever vaccination in the past 10 years?

Have you had Japanese encephalitis vaccination in the past 2 years?

List current or previous significant medical conditions

List current medications