Influenza, also known more widely as “the flu”, is a common disease that affects millions of Americans each year. The flu is a very adaptive disease in the sense that it is constantly changing. That’s why it’s imperative you receive an annual vaccination to help your body create essential anti-bodies to help combat the virus.

The vaccination is usually comprised of the dead virus that is injected into your body to help decrease the risk of contracting the virus. This vaccination is essential as the flu virus claims nearly 36,000 lives every year and results in more than 200,000 hospitalizations per year.

Furthermore, if you are not vaccinated and your contract the flu you increase the chance of spreading it to other individuals. Children under the age of 5, the elderly, and women who are pregnant pose the greatest risk of getting the flu. If you are or a loved one falls under one of these three categories it is important you get the vaccination as soon as it becomes available. People with heart disease, blood disorders, and asthma pose a greater risk as well and should receive the flu shot as quick as possible.

Here at AFC Urgent Care Hartsdale, both the health of yourself and your family is our number one priority. We have flu vaccinations on site and offer fast and efficient service to all of our patients.