Winter is here and it’s finally time to put on your mittens, sharpen your skates, and glide across the ice for the blood-pumping activity that’s fun for people all ages – ice skating!

Unfortunately, winter sports like ice skating are not all fun and games. Safety and awareness are crucial to keeping yourself and your family protected from injuries such as breaks, strains, and serious head trauma.


Following these simple steps can be the difference between winter fun and winter injury.

  • Have blades professionally sharpened before each skating session
  • Learn how to fall correctly to protect your head, joints, and body from serious injury
  • Skate only on specially prepared skating rinks that are guaranteed to withstand your weight. Areas such as frozen lakes and ponds may have weak areas that can break under pressure.
  • Wear comfortable skates that have enough ankle support to keep you on your feet
  • Watch out for cracks, holes, debris, and puddles on ice to avoid slips and falls
  • Always skate with at least 1 other person


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